Regional Data Collection

Author: George Gladstone

Updated: 6 months ago

Capturing Missing and Regional/Local Supplier Spend

To identify which food suppliers are not reported in Open Fields:

Run a Local and Sustainable Report by distributor for the most recent 12 months available.

Report will group products purchased by distributors reporting into Open Fields.  

Collecting Regional and Local Distributor Spend

Purchase data missing from local or regional suppliers can be added to your Open Fields reporting. Contact the supplier to submit your monthly purchase data through one of the following options:

  1. Reporting Template Spreadsheet
  2. Access to Online Reporting System

Utilize our template and portal

Access it here:

The template contains columns compatible with Open Fields for direct import

Spreadsheet Template

After you download the template, fill in the columns to capture your spend. There are both Mandatory and Optional Columns. We'll go over the mandatory columns first.

Aramark Client Location

Enter the Client Location or Profit Center that received this product.

Client Address

Enter the address of the client location or profit center (Street, City, Zip Code)

Distributor's Aramark Customer Number

Enter the Distributor's Aramark Customer Number.

Aramark PC#

Enter the PC# for the Client Location in Column A if known. This will ensure that your purchasing is specifically allocated to this Profit Center.

Invoice Date

Add the Invoice Date. If not known, you may add a Month and Year instead.

Distributor Name

Enter the name of the Distributor providing the product. If you purchased items directly from a Farm or Vendor, enter the Vendor information here as well.

Distributor Product Code

If the distributor has provided a distributor or product code, please enter this information in this field.

Farm/Manufacturer Name

Enter the name of the Vendor, Farm, or Brand for this product.